November 2, 2004
                   Small update. Fixed the screenshots on the downloads page and added one new file. On a non-related note, it's Election Day here in the U.S.A. At last, campaigning shall end!

November 1, 2004
                   I decided since I have some useful programs uploaded that I link people to every now and then, I might as well put a download page up for them. So here you go, enjoy my list of Useful Programs.

                   The New Frontier has finally gone the way of the Old Republic, so I've decided to put this site's forum on my forum. So check out the new Shadowkeeper forum! Many thanks to KL for hosting my forum for however many months it's been!

August 18, 2004
                   First off- the XWAUP forum's very own Atx has had a daughter! Congratulations to him! Next up: I added seven links to the links page. Of particular interest is the Order of the Sith fanfilm trilogy. Check it out.

August 12, 2004
                   Okay, lets see... Grand Admiral Ronin of the XWAUP forums dropped me a line and reminded me that the links page is getting pretty out of date, lots of dead links (and the link to Storm's XWA site now goes to porn, heh). So I went through and pruned all the dead links and fixed the links for some sites that moved. I'll try to add new links soon (if there is any...). Also, IRC is back up (and has been for a while, just never got around to posting)., scroll down this page for the rest, should be here somewhere.

April 20, 2004
                   Okay, so that quick server update think wasn't so quick... Bah. For however long this lasts, you'll find me at in #SSD_Shadowkeeper (and the FT group in #FlyingTemple), if I'm around I'll answer. KL also has the forums back up, check them out. And again, if you're interested in hosting space for a OPT or mission or whatever for XWA, just email me and I can probably host it (no promises!). Been playing Rise of Nations a lot lately, if anyone ever wants to play a game sometime, just drop a line. Russians kick butt.

March 10, 2004
                   Just a few quick notes, IRC is down while they do something with the server, and KL has switched his forums over to myBB. So the forum is down too. Be sure to check his new forums out at The New Frontier Forums! I'll update the site again when either/or/both are back up. In the meantime, feel free to contact me on AIM at Sternlaufstuck or .

February 17, 2004
                   It's been a long time. Such a very long time. I decided to stop procrastinating and just put up the site as it was rather than the new version I was trying to do. After all, I rather like it, so what the heck. There's not really much news, except that I finally a put a link to the Cataclysm-Class B Cruiser on the site. I'll try to post more information on it soon. I've also been playing a lot of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind lately. Fun, very fun. If anyone wants to chat about anything, please, drop by the IRC channel, there's a link over on the left here. (If it's not working, the IRC server is and the channel is #SSD_Shadowkeeper.) AIM is Sternlaufstuck, MSN is same as before, email is on the left site..
                   Another thing, I'm setting up a new site, (temporary title) The Legend of the Shadowkeeper, although I'm probably going to rename it and make the current front page a subsection of a new site that would be more about Morrowind. It's going to have a forum too. I wonder if anyone will actually use it. Well, that's all until next time. In a few weeks... or months... or years... or decades...

January 26, 2003
                   Don't. Say. A. Word.

October 7, 2002
                   Wow it's been a long time! Anyway, this is just a small notice, BiosBoy's birthday is today! The creator of the Cataclysm-Class B Cruiser OPT, I'd just like to thank him again for that. For now, you can download the OPT here until I get the download page for it up. Within a few days.. Okay, so a few weeks is probably closer! Who knows, I'm hoping I'll be wrong. As always, contact me if there's any questions, or anything like that. Oh, and I have a new forum from Koollook14! You can check it out at The SSD Shadowkeeper Forum! Many thanks to him for a new ad-free forum and all features customizable. Now to make all the buttons and stuff! Check out Koollook14's forums at The New Frontier and his site at The New Frontier (Site)! (Oh, I haven't updated the link in the sidebar/frame yet, I'll fix that when I really update the site. Too tired now.)

April 21, 2002
                   As you can see the site has a brand-new look. FRAMES! YAY! Finally, a nice way to organize it. New background, too. Hopefully a new banner soon, too. And Face, you'll be happy to know that all the skirmish pictures you've sent me are uploaded. Y'all can find them at Skirmish BMPs. And I am making progress at making my own.. Slowly. And I have about 5 of 10 missions for my first pack of XvT-type stand-alone missions done. They're not all that bad, IMHO. Expect them soon. (Hopefully!) And again, if anyone wants me to host something for them, just let me know .

March 26, 2002
                   Just a small update, sorry it's taking so long, I'm working on installing OPTs right now, am about half-done, and when I finish, I'll make a couple quick missions and upload them, along with the skirmish pictures which will be on an improved page! Also, a small surprise should be coming along anytime..

March 12, 2002
                   Wow! Thanks to Nob Akimoto and Defiant, I have an account on XWL for my site! Oh yeah! So right now, I'm working on a new site design, and will upload it pretty soon hopefully, along with a bunch of missions. So, stay tuned! Email me at , AIM at MIDI Master Jade, or MSN at . If you'd like me to host something XWA related- Skirmish pictures, missions, OPTs, DXFs, or whatever, email, AIM, or MSN me. If you'd like me to make a mission, contact me. and we'll see.