??? All right, XWA links galore have arrived after many moons! To my knowledge, none of these links are broken. And if you find any broken ones, just let me know. If you've found something you're looking for via this page, could you please let me know? Just email me at , AIM me at Sternlaufstuck or MSN me at so I know that someone's used this page.

??Abolisher's Mission Command Outpost - One of the best known mission makers known, you should check his site for some good missions, and don't forget to check out his great moonscape OPTs!

??Ace Antilles X-Wing Outpost - Home of the Alliance Escort Carrier, DAT BMPs for all of the XWAUP craft, and more! (Forum)

??Andi's OPT Download Page - Download his great Battlestar Galactica OPT here, along with the big asteroid from ESB, and other OPTs!

??Atx's Navbuoy - Home to OPTs and tutorials. Among his OPTs are the original XWAUP-candidate Cloakshape Fighter and a few more.

??BiosBoy's Blaster Shop - Creator of the OPT Viewer, which allows you to view either XWA or XvT OPTs, and most of the information within! Also has several other interesting downloads.

??Darksaber's x-Wing Station - One of the greatest starfighter OPTers known to X-Wing Alliance, Darksaber has made more than 15 XWAUP-quality OPTs, not counting the OPTs that he made or assisted in for the XWAUP! He also hosts tutorials, some other OPTs not created by him, strategy guides, and almost every utility you'll ever need for XWA!

??Drakken's Just Downloads XWA Ships - Home of the Eclipse-class Star Destroyer, the Liberator Cruiser, and more, this site has nothing but excellent OPT downloads!

??dreddnott's Phelan Shipyards (XWA) - A ton of OPTs for XWA, though I'm not really sure if they're for XWA or XvT.. He says they're for XWA, but the pics are all from XvT. Haven't gotten around to downloading one and testing it out yet, though. Anyway, they do all look... interesting, to say the least.

??Flavid's OPT Website - Home of the Thrawn Shipset. Also an XWAU member, he made the Interdictor, check it out! He also has a two-hangared version on his site, and a bunch of other cool OPTs that were created for the TSS, though they are currently available for download. (Forum)

??The Flying Temple - Defiant's website, and home of the X-Wing Install System, used by the XWAUP to install all their OPTs and starting to come into wider use! Also home to FreeWing, and other cool stuff! (Forum) (Chat Room)

??Vanguard - Wraith's (formerly known as Freelancer) new site. Got some models and a few other things up. (Chat Room)

??Gringlas' Arts and Works - Creator of the Coruki Jager(sp?), the Ssi-Ruuk Battle Fighter/Droid(?), and more that I can't read. (It's a German site, and I can't read German, so... ) But check it out, download the OPTs and see what you get.

??XvT:BoP and XWA Campaign Creation Site - JM's old site, this site still has downloadable fighter OPTs, you should check them out before they disappear!

??Kanon's Robotic Facility - Kanon's site, he has a bunch of Macross/Robotech, I think, OPTs, which actually don't look half-bad. Check 'em out before they disappear too, since it's a Geocities site and apparently hasn't been updated for over two years! (Forum)

??Koensayr Star Trek OPTs - There is now... a picture?

LucasArts Entertainment Company - The official site of the LEC, the guys who published XWA and created or published pretty much every other SW game out there. Check it out for official news, screenshots, cheat codes, and more.

??The New Jedi Order Project - The NJOP is in the process of telling the story of the New Jedi Order from the viewpoint of an Imperial Remnant pilot. Featuring many custom-made craft from the NJO, it is looking very interesting!

??Newreris XWA Center - MJT's site, while it hasn't been uploaded, he does have some interesting OPTs and several tutorials.

??NHKC Athena III: Flagship of ImpTac - Home of the XvT Ship Patch and the XvT:BoP Ship Patch, they both add many ships to each game. You should definitely check it out if you have either!

??Ol's X-Wing Alliance Mission Site - Personal home page of the creator of the TFTC. It has a fix for XWA's main campaign if you installed the UCP and a mission pack based on the Order of the Sith fanfilm, featuring voice casting by the cast of OotS.

??Order of the Sith: The Sith Trilogy - This trilogy of fanfilms features two actors from the original Star Wars trilogy! Michael Sheard, of Admiral Ozzel fame, and Jeremy Bulloch- Boba Fett himself!- will both be in future installments of the trilogy. Unfortunately, due to contracts with LucasFilm or something or other, they will not be able to play 'themselves'. He has some amazing space scenes (using XWA, of course ) and there's some other nice scenes as well.

??Paradox Productions: X-Wing Alliance - Has OPTs, and his readme files are much nicer than most. You should download an OPT, if only to see the readme files.

??Phelan Shipyards, CEO dreddnott - The XvT portion of dreddnott's site.

Polaris Fleet Systems - Hawkeye's site, he's made an excellently detailed NCC-1701-E, with a heck of a lot of faces. (3,000+?) His other well-known OPT is the MA-91A Cobra, code-named "Seafire". He has other OPTs too, check them out!

SaxSoft Productions - The_Saxman's site, he has his and Darksaber's E-Wing available for download, and an extremely interesting X-Wing Commentary.

Steele's Aerospace - Steele's (not manofStele) site, he has many high-quality Wing Commander OPTs and a few other ones too!

The New Frontier - Koollook14's site, he has a few OPTs, SW stuff, and a lot of forums. Including mine. (No, this is not a paid advertisement. ) (Forum)

The STS - The STS, formerly known as the SSD Dictator. OPT downloads, other game mods too. (Forums)

TIE Fighter Total Conversion - Home of the famous TFTC! Bringing the TF missions to XWA to enable XWA's features and graphics! Currently it has an Imperial icons pack for XWA, a TFTC trailer, and other information on the TFTC. Highly recommended.

Totally Games - The official site of Totally Games, the company that worked with LucasArts to create X-Wing Alliance! (Forums)

Troy Dangerfield's EDITOR PAGE - Troy Dangerfield's site, he's the guy who made the premiere XWA mission creator, AlliED! Though it costs $10USD to register, it is well worth it if you're seriously interested in XWA mission editing! He also has free versions of XvTED and X-ED.

Veritech R&D OPTs - A Macross/Robotech(?) OPT download site, check it out if you like that stuff.

Vince T's X-Wing HQ - Home to The Blue Phantom Project total conversion for XWA, the ShiCon Dynamics R&D Facility, and more, this XWAUP member has a ton of TBP-related and non-related OPTs available for download and very nice background info pages on TBP project.

"Rogue" Stelar Shipyards - (click on British flag for English version of site.) A Spanish X-Wing series-related site, it's one of the few Spanish sites for the series, it's got assorted OPTs, missions, and other stuff converted as need be for the Spanish version of whatever games they're for... I think.