??? These are a few programs I've downloaded over the years and've always kept installed because of their usefulness. I hope you find them as useful as I have. (Hover the mouse over the download link to see file size.)

3C - 3C is a color-capture program. It can do screen captures and has both RGB sliders and field and a HEX(?) field. It's a small program and very easy to use, very useful if you're trying to find out what color is used on a web page or just looking for that perfect color to use on your website. | Screenshot

Webshots - Webshots is a small program that can automatically change your desktop's wallpaper, anywhere from every fifteen minutes up to once a week, with several options. It uses internal albums which you can create, edit, delete, etc. at will. It can also use those same internal albums as your screensaver. My dad takes a lot of pictures with his digital camera and he has me add his new pictures to Webshots so he can see them on his desktop/screensaver. The program stays in your tray all the time. - This is an old version of the software, from back when the whole site was free. There's a new version of the program now but I don't like it a lot, the old version I use does what I want it to do. | Screenshot - Official Site

Convert - Convert is a really neat program that can convert between just about any unit you can think of. You can even add your own units if you want. Very simple and easy to use program. | Screenshot - Official Site

Terranova - Terranova isn't a program, but a very cool screensaver. It randomly generates planets and starfields. You can edit most of the parameters, so if you want a lot of stars with a few star clusters on a mostly-ice planet, go for it. Or a low density rainbow starfield on an almost-no-ice planet, go for it... It's old but good. (About the screenshot, I resized it so it wouldn't take so long to download, so it looks worse than it really does.) | Screenshot - Official Site

WinKey - WinKey is one of the best utilities I've ever found for enhancing the Windows key's usefulness. It allows you to open just about any program or folder with a combination of the Windows key and whatever. For example, I've got it set to open Convert with Win+C. 3C is Win+3. My folder with all my files is Win+Shift+L. Get the idea? | Screenshot - Official Site

Legal Stuff: If the program is yours and you don't want it on my site or there is some legal issue, please and I will take it
down. I'm only putting these here to let more people know about them and am not making money in any way off of any of these.